Automated Confirmation E-mails

One of our biggest time consuming activities is sending out confirmation e-mails with the customer name/address/phone number/appointment date & time, etc. 

It would be great if once we've completed a booking that there is an Automated Confirmation E-mail contact button you can select or not select. 

If it is selected, it will have 3 different automated e-mails that it could send out. 

1 - Initial confirmation e-mail to the customer if outside 24 HRs of appointment confirming the appointment being scheduled, the date, time, customer's address, phone number, contact information, and the brief description of the service to be completed (summary). This could be something that can have auto-fill sections but can also be manually updated with their own personal touch to end the e-mail or have a certain message at the bottom of the e-mail.

2  - Confirmation e-mail 24HR prior to the scheduled date/time of the service. This would be nice if you could have a confirm or cancel button within this e-mail so that it would automatically switch to confirmed within the calendar and you don't even have to call that customer.

3 - Automated Thank You/Survey E-mail once the job has been finished by the tech in the field.

Again, if you could use templates with codes to enter parts of the customer information into each of the automated responses that would automatically populate, and send out depending on the settings you've input for each automatic e-mail, that would take so much busy work off our office staff leaving them more time to make more money for the company.


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