Repetitive work orders - dates for prior work orders

When you have a repetitive work order that starts with a day prior to todays date it does not set up (or modify if ones exist) any work orders in the prior weeks.

For example, if i have a work orders that specifies that work is to be done on Monday and Thursday - if i tried to set it up today and specified the start date as last Monday the system would only set up work orders starting this coming Thursday.  So i have to then manually add Monday/Thursday of last week and Monday of this week as one off work orders because those are all prior dates.

  I am of course excluding any work order in a prior period that has been completed or otherwise worked on.  The challenge is we don't live in a perfect world - we get last minute requests / changes all the time.  The mobile app is really not geared to allowing those kinds of changes to be easily done remotely. 

I would suggest the requisite warning about  jobs being changed in a prior period.  Also it would be helpful to have a system warning if I pick a start date that does not fall on one of the days listed on the schedule.  In other words if I say we work Monday and Thursday I should get a warning if i pick a Tuesday start date.


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