Cleaning business - supplies

This is cleaning industry specific.  In some cases our customers supply consumable (toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap etc) items in others we have to make sure they stay stocked and bill the customer for what we have to purchase on their behalf.  By the way most customers  want us to let them know when things are running low when they are responsible for purchasing the supplies.

a) be able to create a list of supplies that can be attached to a customer location.  Helpful if we can add a picture and be able to identify item number, vendor etc.  please keep in mind in some cases we don't know.

b) have this list of supplies available on the mobile app so that the cleaners in the field can simply toggle on the items and say it's needed.  Then if the customer is responsible send an email to that customer letting them know what is required or and alert to us letting us know we have to order those items.

Supplies used by the cleaners is a whole different category to discuss.


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