mobile - supervisor role

when adding new people you have to manually go into to the supervisor role and assign that person just added to that supervisor otherwise they will not show up on his/her list on the mobile devise.  I'd suggest perhaps an option when the person is added to put them on someone's list.

Currently we plan to utilize the supervisor role as a way for the owner to manage things when we are not in the office.  That said, the mobile app is lacking as it relates to being able to manage things when you're not in the office.  For example we get calls all the time from customer "when did you do that last" right now on the desktop you can do a search a few different ways to find that answer.  No way to do it on the mobile app.  we have historically utilized Apple I Calendar to manage our schedule (simple and worked well - we're just too big to continue to do it that way for a number of reasons) - it was easy to do a search, see what was on the schedule etc.

I'm suggesting a administrative/sales/owner role for the mobile apps with enhanced features.

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