work order - billing for weekly/monthly items

This request relates to the way repetitive jobs / work orders are handled.

When we service a customer more than once in a given week it makes setting the price / cost more difficult.  As background, we currently utilize the product section to manage our pricing/cost.  We don't utilize the service section because there is no way to put in a cost.  We set up a separate product for the services we provide setup by customer so we can track the quoted price / cost.

The problem is that when I have a repetitive set of work that is done say three days per week I currently have to take that weekly price I've given the customer and divide by three put that in the price so that when all three items are added it matches what I'm going to bill the customer.  

So for example I provide a service to a customer that is performed three days during a week - we've quoted a price of $120/week.  I now have to set the product up for $40 so that when the three days are added together it matches the $120 price quoted.  Same things is obviously true.

I'm suggesting some more flexibility on how repetitive work orders are handled. 




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