Tracking contact from Prospects requesting services we don't provide.

Right now if a prospect contacts us, and it turns out their particular problem is not something we currently can help with, then we just simply tell them so, and we don't enter them into the system. But, it would be nice if we could track these callers for a number of reasons: 

1. So that we can make sure our marketing efforts are geared toward the correct target market, and that we are defining our services correctly.

2. Allowing us to evaluate our services offered. If we get hundreds of calls from people asking for service X, we may want to consider adding that to our list of services provided.

We could technically enter them into the system, but then they would also copy over to Quickbooks, and could really bloat our list of customers (and might have some other unforeseen impact on reporting.)

It would be great if we had a non-customer designation that wouldn't push to QBO, and could be filtered out of reports, etc...

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