'Estimates' to appear differently to 'jobs' on Schedule (laptop) and in job view on app

We have the following issue with our workflow when booking estimates and jobs.


Our technicians carry out both jobs and estimates i.e. there is no sales function that only carry out estimates.  


All of the estimates are free therefore at estimation stage not profitable for the tech.  We would like assigned estimates to appear differently on the calendar function which will enable a scheduler to instantly see which appointments are jobs and which are estimates.


We are looking to overcome two issues with this



1. Staying Profitable and Making Money with Paying Jobs


Primarily it is more profitable for the techs to be billing as oppose to free visits making estimates.  They are happy to make free visits but these free visits should be mixed with chargeable jobs so that they are meeting their/ and our earning targets daily.


When you are looking at the schedule, jobs and estimates that are assigned appear the same at first glance.  I understand that a booking can be clicked once or opened for more details on whether it is a job or an estimate but the reality is scheduling happens quickly and if the estimate visits looked different then the schedule would be significantly clearer on which visits were jobs and which were estimates.


We have instances where a tech looks really busy with a days work but the reality is he has one paying job and 3 estimates.  If the estimates were a different colour then the scheduler would know at a glance that he was not going to meet his billing target and to spread out the free visits to other days. 




The other issue that we are trying to overcome with this suggestion is maximising the days work.  If an estimate appointment is made with a 30 minute visit time this appears on the schedule exactly the same as a 30 min job.  When scheduling we know that a 30 min job may take longer and there is some time needed to allow the tech to remove their tools, put their tools away, to bill the client ad collect money so extra time is allowed either side of this appointment.


If a visit is an estimating visit, little if no tools are needed and there is no billing at the end of the job, we also know that the visit will not over run through unforeseen events and job complications.


This means no contingency or buffer is required in the schedule and if the tech has 3 estimate visits these can be booked back to back allowing for travel time only. i.e. no time allowance for billing and tool unloading/loading needed.


Currently as it stands the scheduler sees what appear to be jobs and allows the extra time either side which ultimately makes for an un-productive use of the day. 





We would also like a new view on the app for all appointments.  Currently the app has 3 views on bookings  which are 


Jobs Due Today - This shows BOTH job and estimate visits that are booked for the current day

Jobs Total - Will only show all assigned jobs

Estimates Total - will only show estimates


This is our issue.  When the tech comes to book in jobs from site using the app he not only has to look at jobs total but also has to look at estimates total to see what forward appointments are booked in.  He has to flick between the two views to find out his actual availability so he can book a return appointment.   It just doesn’t work effectively to keep flicking between the two.


I know that the full view of all appointments can be seen through the supervisor role but there is some key information missing from the summary view here which is the Duration.  You can see for example that an appointment is in the schedule in the supervisor role but you have to open each individual appointment to see the length of that appointment to know if you actually have any time available.


I see two solutions here in order of preference


  • An all appointments view
  • Supervisor role showing duration of appointments - the downside here is that supervisor role enables some functionality that you may not want to give to all techs but do want them to book jobs on site.

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