IX. Creating and Managing Tasks


Tasks within ServiceBridge are a useful tool for managing you and your personnel's time. They allow transparency and documentation into the actions many workers take every day. Tasks can be one off, or any every day activity. They can be assigned to teams, give reminders, and be marked with several statuses in order to show where they are in the process up until being completed. 

Create a task record 

It is often necessary to create a record of a needed task, either for yourself or another. This section will cover how to accomplish that.

First, click the Universal Add Button to display the options below it, and then click on Task.

A window will open for you to enter task information. The highlighted sections below show two important things. 1) In the upper right is the on/off toggle for creating this as a recurring task. 2) Those highlighted with a red asterisk indicate they are required fields and must be filled out in order to save the task. After filling this out, click save.

*You may choose to assign a task to a team or to an employee outside of the team structure. To do this, select the team or employee and press the white + to the right of their name. Their name will be added under the assigned to section directly below. 

This task is now a record in ServiceBridge, and you can find it by searching in the search bar, or looking through your list of tasks on the left side of the home screen.

*Additionally note above that at the very bottom of the task information window there is a on/off toggle for setting a reminder. This is not required, but is a very helpful option to have. Toggling a reminder allows the user to set how far in advance they receive the reminder and a reminder message as well. 

Setting a recurring task

As noted above, it is possible to set a task as recurring with the on/off toggle in the upper left of the task creation window. When this is selected you will see this below:

You will then select how often the tasks occurs and when it will stop occurring (if it will end at all). Just as before, when you are finished with your settings, click save to cement this task as a record. 

Copying a task

It is possible to make a copy of a task that you may not need to set as recurring, but have need of as a template for a new task. From the tasks screen on the left you will see a list of all of your tasks. You will see below that there is a link on the far right to copy a task:

Copying that task will open the same task information screen from the beginning of this guide, but this time all of the same information from the copied task will be pre-populated. You may then make any needed changes to the details, time, location, customer, team, etc. of the task, and save it as a new task record. 

Completing a task

Directly next to the copy link on the far right of the task window is the complete link. This is the fastest way to mark a task at finished. A confirmation window will pop up, and you will hit ok to confirm and dismiss the window. 

Bulk status change

In some cases you may wish to adjust the status of more than one task at one time. This is very easy and can save a lot of time. Simply check the box to the left of the date & time column to select all tasks, or check the box next to each task you would like to select individually. From there, simply click the change status box that appears above the check all button.

Clicking this button will give the below window for you to choose which status to set all of the selected tasks to:

Once you have selected the desired new status, click save, and all of the tasks you had selected should now show the desired status. 

Task Settings

To further customize your ServiceBridge experience with tasks, you can click the gear icon in the upper right to open the settings drop down, and then select task. This will open the custom fields, custom fields groups, and note templates settings page. See below: 

 By clicking the dark blue + to the right of each subsection you can add your own customized data into the tasks information field.

Additional Notes on Tasks

Unlike estimates and workorders, tasks will not show up on the scheduling calendar, but will show up on the home dashboard broken out by status. This status is clickable to bring you to a view of all tasks in that status in that date range. 

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