Recurring Work Orders

 This article will cover: 

  • How to create a recurring work order 
  • How to make changes to individual work orders within a recurring work order schedule 
  • How to make changes to a recurring work order schedle

How to create a recurring work order schedule

Go to the universal add button and select work order. At the top of the work order screen, select “Repeat this work order.”

Enter the details for the recurring work order schedule. ServiceBridge will now auto-generate this work order according to these details. 

Moving forward, it's important to keep these two items in mind: 

  • The schedule. This is the overall recurring work order schedule. Sometimes, this is referred to as "scheduler details" in ServiceBridge

  • The individual work order. This is an individual work order within the recurring work order schedule

How to change the individual work order

 Locate the individual work order you would like to change and go to the “General” tab. Select edit and make the necessary changes.

How to make changes to the schedule 

Locate an individual work order within a schedule and go to the General tab. Scroll down to “Schedule,” and select “Open scheduler details.”

After selecting this link, you can change the schedule. To do this, select "Edit" and make the necessary changes to the recurring work order schedule. 

You have now edited the recurring work order schedule. All future work orders in this scheduler will be changed accordingly.

Further resources: 

  • See this article on recurring invoices. ServiceBridge can auto-generate invoices for your recurring work orders. 


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