Supervisor Role

With Supervisor Role, users can manage team performance on their mobile devices. This is designed to help on-site supervisors manage field teams. Its features include: 

  • Using their mobile apps, supervisors can view multiple team schedules seven days back and thirty days in advance
  • Supervisors can reschedule different teams' jobs or reassign work orders 
  • To provide a summary of daily or weekly job performance, supervisors can view different teams' work order statuses 

Enabling Supervisor Role 

On the ServiceBridge web version, scroll to personnel, select the user you are working with, and select devices. 

Scroll to 'Enable Supervisor Role' and select 'On.' Next, select which teams this supervisor will be able to view on his/her mobile device.  

Using Supervisor Role View on Your Mobile Device

Once enabled, users will see 'Supervisor Role' at the top of their mobile device. 

After selecting supervisor role, select 'Filters.' Here, you will choose which teams' schedules you will view on supervisor role. Once you've selected the correct filters, click save.  

Choose what data you want to see by filtering it by work order status, time span, and team. 

After saving your filters, you will see this data whenever you click supervisor role. 

Here, by selecting a work order (Wo 77-44, Mike Stevens) from the left side of the screen, I can edit the information associated with this job, and my changes will be reflected at the front office and the technician's mobile device. 

With supervisor role, users can edit their teams' job information. Specifically, they can: 

  • Reassign job to another team 
  • Change job status 
  • Reschedule job to another time, or day 
  • Add/remove products and services, change notes


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    Lee Lewis

    Can a Supervisor add pictures to a Work Order so the Office and Team can see them?

  • 0
    Kevin Skinner

    Hi Lee,

    Good question. 

    Yes, a supervisor can add photos to any work order that is associated with a team he has permission to view.

    These photos will be accessible by techs on their mobile devices and the team in the office.  


    The ServiceBridge Team


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    Ewelina Mlynarczyk-Onyewesi

    Can supervisor closed down the job for another team? 

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