III. How to Apply Payments to an Invoice

Time to complete: 10 minutes


Now that you have sent an invoice to a customer, you can apply your customer's payments to the invoice record on ServiceBridge.

To do this, you will create a payment record for the invoice with which you are working.

To create a payment, go to invoices (under accounting) and select to which invoice you will be applying a payment. 

Notice, too, that the status of this invoice is 'Open.' This means the invoice has not yet been paid. To apply a payment to this invoice, click on (+ Apply) next to the payment. 

To create a payment, scroll to payments and click the add (+) button. 

A form will appear in which you can enter Payment Info, Payment Invoices, and  Unpaid Invoices. You can also add more than one unpaid invoice into one payment. 

Once you collect the full payment amount, the status of the invoice will change to PAID.

Read on to learn how to refund a payment

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