II. Invoice a Work Order And Send It to a Customer

Time to complete: 10 minutes


After completing a work order, you will invoice it. With QuickBooks online, you can create an invoice directly from your work order.

To do this, login to ServiceBridge, locate the work order you are invoicing, and select Invoice.


For a work order to be ready to be invoiced, its status must be Finished, and it must contain billable items.

Next, click the slider to expand the invoice details.

Check the customer information, other information, invoice items, un-billed jobs, and billing location.

When you are done, click Save. A message will appear stating that an invoice has been created.

You can view the invoice by clicking View Invoice on the work order information. 

After clicking this, you will be moved to QuickBooks Online, where you can view your invoice.

If you would like to send this invoice to your customer, click Save and Send at the bottom of the invoice. See the video below for further information on viewing an sending your invoices. 

Read on to learn how to apply payments to an invoice

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