I. Create Custom Reports

Time to complete: 10 minutes

In addition to the reports in the system, ServiceBridge allows you to create custom reports. To do this, login to ServiceBridge and select reports. 

Next, click the (+) to start creating a custom report. 

Now, select the report type you require. 

Click "Create" to begin editing the report.

Choose fields, add filters, group columns, select ranges, and save the report.

a. Select Fields - Choose the fields that you want to show up on the report
b. Add Filter - Add filters on the selected fields. You can add more than one.
c. Group by Column - you can drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column. 
d. Range - select the range for the report. (Day, week, month, custom)
e. Print Preview - Allows you to print the report, or save it as a PDF file.
f. Save - Save the report and name it as you wish. 

After you name your report and click save, the report is now completed and saved. 

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