II. Purge the Data from Your Mobile Device - iOS

Time to complete: 10 minutes

After connecting the mobile app to your account, you will need to purge the data from the mobile app. This section will cover how and why you need to do this.

Why do I have to purge the data?

After connecting the mobile app to your account, login to ServiceBridge on the mobile app. You will notice that while there is data on the app, it is not from your ServiceBridge account.

 The data you are seeing is from a demo account that the app is connected to; when you download the ServiceBridge app, it comes connected to a demo account. The data is there to give shoppers an idea of what the app looks like when it is in use.  

Because you are connecting this mobile device to your account, you will need to delete this data; this is why you have to purge the data from the mobile app.

How to purge the data on an iOS mobile device

 Here, the highlighted sections refer to the demo account data that came with the app. This is what I am deleting

To purge this data, go to settings on your iOS device and scroll down to ServiceBridge. Click on “ServiceBridge,” and turn on “Purge Database”

Close settings and return to the ServiceBridge web app. You will need to enter your pin number to access the app. Once you’re logged in, you will see a pop up asking if you would like to purge the database. Click “yes.”

Once the mobile app is refreshed, you will see the information that is associated with your account. This means you’ve successfully deleted the data from the demo account.

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