I. Download and connect the mobile app - iOS

Time to complete 10-15 minutes


First, go to the App store and download the ServiceBridge app. When this is done, open the app and locate the Device ID number, which you will find at the top of the screen. Put the app aside for a moment, but leave this page open.

Now, you will attach this mobile device to an employee in your organization. Login to the web version of ServiceBridge and scroll to Personnel, which is on the left side of the screen. Then, select the employee record that you will attach this device to, and click the Universal Add Button.

After clicking the add button, a page will pop-up that asks you to enter the device information. Return to your mobile device and find the Device ID; add the Device ID number to the field labeled ‘Identifier.’

Under the ‘Device Name’ field, enter a name for the device. Name it whatever you wish.

Next, create a pin number for this device. You will use the pin number number to login to ServiceBridge on this device.

The rest of the questions on this page are security settings for this employee; they determine what the employee using this device will have access to.  

 Read on to learn how (and why) to purge the data from your iOS device

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