VI. How to Create a Team

Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

After adding your personnel members to ServiceBridge, you will need to create a team. A team is a group of your field workers who are available for dispatch.

What is the difference between personnel and teams?

We will return to the difference between Teams and Personnel in Chapter Three. For now, understand that a personnel member is any ServiceBridge user, while a team is a group of personnel members, or a single personnel member, available for dispatch. As such, when you are assigning field jobs to your workers, you cannot assign jobs to personnel—only to teams.

How to create a team

To create a team, login to ServiceBridge and open the Personnel Tab. Then, click on the universal add button. 

Enter the name of the team and its members in the form.

Once you’ve created a team name and have added all the necessary personnel members, click save. You can add as many (or as few) personnel members to a team as is necessary.  

This team is now ready for dispatch. 

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