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This guide is an overview of the basics of ServiceBridge; it is organized sequentially and will guide you from your first login to being fully up and running. At the top of every section, we've included a time estimate for how long it will take you to read and master the content.

We hope you find this guide instructive and easy to use. If you have any questions getting started, please contact sales@servicebridge.com.

What is ServiceBridge?

ServiceBridge is a complete field service management solution designed to help companies manage their work orders, scheduling, billing, and more. By utilizing cloud technology, ServiceBridge users can send, receive, and edit job information in real time, thereby eliminating the need for paperwork and return visits.

How does ServiceBridge work?

Because ServiceBridge is a complete field service management solution, it assists all levels of a field service company. For many field companies, there are three job functions that require use of field service software.

  • Field Worker. The employee who goes to the worksite and completes a job
  • Customer Service Representative. An employee who works at the office and is in charge of taking customer orders, scheduling jobs, and dispatching field workers
  • Administrator. Usually an owner or an office manager, this is someone who is in charge of running the business.

With ServiceBridge, all members of your organization can send, receive, and edit job data. This means field workers do not have to return to the office after completing a job, customer service representatives do not have to do double entry, and an administrator can access all his or her company data at any time.

The Two Parts of ServiceBridge

To assist field service companies, ServiceBridge is made up of a web version and a mobile version, which translates to an office version and a field version, respectively. 

  • The web version is accessed on a desktop and/or laptop computer, and is used for scheduling, dispatching, customer records, business reports, accounting, and more. Administrators and customer service representatives usually access the web version.
  • The mobile version is accessed on a mobile device, and lists job descriptions, locations, and so forth. Field technicians usually use this function

Users, License, and Price

Any employee using ServiceBridge, whether on a mobile device or a computer, is a user. For every user in your organization, you will need to purchase a ServiceBridge license. Because ServiceBridge is a subscription-based service, customers pay for one license at a time, each of which is $50. However, if:

  • You have 10 or more users, the cost of each license goes down to $45.00
  • You have 25 or more users, the cost of each license goes down to $40.00
  • You have 100 or more users, the cost of each license goes down to $35.00

What's more, customers can choose to purchase a year's subscription of ServiceBridge and save 10% on their total cost of licenses.  

How to Sign up with ServiceBridge 

First, go to the personnel page and decide how many licenses you will purchase. To see all the users you've added to your account, scroll to the top right screen of your screen and select All Statuses.  


For every active user, you will pay for a license. As such, make sure you only activate your users who need access to ServiceBridge. If you do not want to buy a license for a one of your personnel members, click Suspend.  

To sign up for a ServiceBridge subscription, go to the bottom left side of the screen, where it says how many days you have left of your trial. Click on the icon, and select Subscribe. 

You will be directed to a page where you can enter payment information. Before paying, make sure you are buying the amount of licenses you need. Recall that you can adjust this by going to Personnel in your company settings. 

After paying, you will receive notification that you have successfully purchased a subscription. 


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