IV. Add and Activate Personnel

Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

After creating a company profile, you will create a record for each of your users in your company. These users will be listed as Personnel.

To do this, go to the personnel tab and click the universal add button.


Next, a window will open prompting you to enter your employee’s information.


Once you click ‘save’ on this form, there will be a record for that employee. However, this employee is not yet activated; this means this employee is not yet a user, as they will not be able to access ServiceBridge.

To activate a personnel member, return to the personnel tab and go the record you just created. Click on suspend to activate the user.

Now, you will create a username and password for this user; this is the login information he or she will use to access ServiceBridge.

 Also on this form is the personnel member’s ‘Access Role.’ You can choose one of three options:

Administrator. The user can modify and delete ServiceBridge data
Read Only. The user can view all information but cannot modify or delete it
Edit Only. The user can edit data, but is unable to delete it

Once you have completed the form, click ‘Confirm.’ Your employee will now be able to login to ServiceBridge with the credentials you created.

Read on to learn how to manage your subscriptions 

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