How And Why To Flag an Activity Note

Although we’ve already shown how to create activity notes, we haven't addressed how to flag them. In this article, I'll go over how and why to flag an activity note. I'll begin with an overview of how to flag an activity note, and then discuss ways to use this functionality.

Can I flag any activity note?

No. A general activity note is a way to attach additional information to the five core items in ServiceBridge: customers, estimates, invoices, work orders, and projects. 

Although users can create a general activity note for any of these five items, an activity note can only be flagged if it is created for a customer. This means users can't flag activity notes associated with work orders, estimates, invoices, or projects. 

How do I flag an activity note?

Go to an existing customer, or create a new customer, and scroll down to activity notes. Click on the universal add button.

Once you hit this button, you can create an activity note. To flag it, click Yes on the Is Flagged section. Add whatever notes you need to the Notes section.

Flagged activity notes will appear next to all customer's activity notes. However, there will be a check under Is Flagged. 

Now that you've flagged an activity note, the flag will appear on all of this customer's future estimates, invoices, tasks, and work orders. However, the flag will not show up on invoices, tasks, estimates, and work orders created before the activity note was flagged. 

[In the above example, I flagged an activity note for my customer, Solider Field, to remind myself to collect this customer's last payment. Then I created a work order for this customer. Notice how the flagged activity note appears at the top of this new work order; from here on out, this notification will appear on any estimate, invoice, or work order I assign to this customer. However, it will not appear retroactively on old work orders, invoices, estimates, and projects]

Why should I flag an activity note?

Flag an activity note to remind yourself of important information specific to customers. Because you will be notified of a customer's flagged activity note every time you create a new job for that customer, this is a good tool for information that are especially important.

In a more big picture view, flagged activity notes are useful for the same reason activity notes are: to keep track of your business. Because activity notes can keep track of interactions with customers, many users use them in the office, as a part of customer records. 

Have you flagged an activity note? How did it help your workflow?



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