All About Data Purging

After you download the ServiceBridge mobile app, you will need to purge its data before syncing it with your ServiceBridge account. This article will cover all you need to know to do this.

Why do I have to purge the data?

When you download the ServiceBridge app, it comes with data on it. This is because the mobile app comes connected to a demo account. The data attached to this demo account is there to give shoppers an idea of what the app looks like when it is in use.

When it’s time to connect the mobile device to your account, you will need to delete this data; this is what purging the data does. If you do not purge the data, you will not be able to connect the mobile device to your account. 

How to purge the data on an iOS mobile device

First, download the mobile app and connect it to your ServiceBridge account.  For directions on how to do this, see this page.

Once you’ve done this, open the app on the mobile device. You will notice that the app has data on it, but this data is not from your account. This is the demo account data, which you will be deleting.

[Here, the highlighted sections refer to the demo account data that came with the app. This is what I am deleting]

To purge this data, go to settings on your mobile device and scroll down to ServiceBridge. Click on “ServiceBridge,” and turn on “Purge Database”

[Here, the highlighted sections show where to find ServiceBridge under settings, and where you can turn on the purge]

Close settings and return to the ServiceBridge app. You will need to enter your pin number to access the app. Once you’re logged in, you will see a pop up asking if you would like to purge the database. Click “yes.”

[Click "yes" when you see this notification]

Once the mobile app is refreshed, you will see the information that is associated with your account. This means you’ve successfully deleted the data from the demo account.


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    Brian Roberts

    Is there any other reasons to purge?

    The reason I ask is I recently discovered that if I purge, I lose the ability to go back in to a custom form that was completed and edit it.  After a purge you MUST start a new form as editing capability is lost.

    Just curious what other reasons there would be to purge other than the test data scenario you gave?

    I certainly would not want field service users to be purging the ServiceBridge app and wiping out the ability to edit custom forms that were created with that ipad.  Could purges be pushed to ipads by admin when admin chooses?

    Thanks.  Great job adding so much content.



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