How does ServiceBridge track the amount of time a technician has spent on a job?

1. Click on Jobs Due Today in your Dashboard


2. Click on a Active Job


3. Click on Change


4. When technician taps the Arrive button – time starts ticking.


5. To stop the time click on Change 


6. You can click Finish, and the time stops.

7. Or you can use the Suspend button to pause the time- count 


If the Job is Suspended you can either

8. Resume it or,

9. Finish it. 


ServiceBridge application is also aware of the size of your team. It can record man-hours spent at the job-site and upload this information to your ServiceCEO database. The time spent is multiplied by the number of members of your team to populate the quantity of man-hours needed to accomplish the assignment.

For example: a team has 2 members in it, and the job was started at 9:00AM and finished at 9:30AM. ServiceBridge will record the starting and finish time in your ServiceCEO application as 9:00AM and 9:30AM respectively, and it will show a total of 1 man-hour.

Time Tracking feature can be enabled for individual user in device settings.

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