How to assign a new job in ServiceCEO for the technician in the field?

Each iPhone, iPad or Android device is associated with only one team or employee in ServiceCEO software. Once the device is setup for ServiceBridge you will be able to assign jobs or tasks to the device.

Below is a simple tutorial on assigning jobs and tasks, after your device has been configured to work with ServiceBridge.

1. Find a Job in ServiceCEO

To assign a job to a mobile device you will need to locate and open it in ServiceCEO. 

Once you open up ServiceCeo on your computer,

1. Click on Customers. 

2. And double-click on the customer you are trying to assign the job to.


3. Click on the Jobs tab.


4. Double-click on the specific job you want to open.


5. Team is the device or employees you want to assign the job to.

6. Status needs to be Active Job. Note: Only jobs in “Active Job” status can be assigned to ServiceBridge.

7. Substatus - for the substatus choose Assigned.


2. Save Job and Refresh Device

Save the job and open ServiceBridge application on the device. Click refresh icon in the dashboard and the new assigned job will appear in the dashboard of the assigned device/team. 

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