How do I setup my network to prepare for ServiceCEO environment integration?

After you signed up for ServiceBridge license and purchased ServiceBridge app, the next step is to configure your ServiceCEO environment to accept the incoming ServiceBridge connection. Follow the steps below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

1. Connecting to Database
ServiceBridge makes direct calls to ServiceCEO database located in your office. For it to function, ServiceCEO SQL database has to be updated with custom views and proceedures. To do this, we need the following:


  • A public static IP address. If one is unavailable use the service. They have a free plan that is sufficient for our needs.
  • A pinhole in your network opened up only for a secure database connection.
    Note: We recommend that you configure your firewall to allow access only from IP addresses below:

2. Opening Firewall

1. Click on Start 

2. Click on Control Panel


3. In the search box type in: Windows Firewall

4. Click on Windows Firewall


5. Click on Advanced Settings


6. Click on Inbound Rules

7. Click on New Rule


8. Click on Port 

9. Next


10. Click on TCP

11. Click Specific Local Ports and type in: 1433

12. Next


13. Click on Allow the Connection

14. Next


15. Make sure all of the boxes are checked 

16. Next


17. In the Name field type in: ServiceBridge Connection

18. Click Finish


3. Enabling port in SQL Manager

You also need to enable TCP 1433 port in SQL Server Configuration Manager

1. Click on Start

2. Type in SQL

3. Click on SQL Server Configuration Manager


4. Click on Protocols for SERVICECEO

5. Double Click on TCP/IP


6. Click on IP Addresses


7. Click on TCP Port and type in: 1433

8. Click OK

9. Restart SQL Server after the changes.

5. Time Zone of Your Location

ServiceBridge application displays time based on a selected time zone.

We recommend exposing the ServiceCEO database only to the supplied IP addresses (,, If you current firewall or router does not have that functionality, we do recommend that you purchase one that does. It is not safe to expose your database without an IP filter even if it is protected with an email and password.
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