How to use the Time Card feature?

Time card functionality allows access to the time card information in ServiceCEO database from the app. Technician can edit time blocks that are automatically created based on his schedule, or add additional ones. All information is synced with ServiceCEO in real time.


Enabling Time Cards

To enable the time cards you will first need to log into your Service Portal at From there you go to:

1. Click on Account Summary

2. Settings

3. Company Settings

4. Enable Time Cards 

5. Save Changes

Follow instructions below to learn more:

1. Accessing Time Cards

Open ServiceBridge application. Tap on the Time Cards button available in the dashboard to view the time cards for members of the team. If the button is not visible contact us to enable this feature for your account, or go to your ServicePortal and enable it in your company settings. 


2. Choosing a Time Card to Edit

1. Tap on the Employee and it will take you to a page where your team for the device is listed. Choose a person whose time card you want to edit.

2. Time Cards are available Monday through Sunday for the ongoing week. Tap on a day you want to see time card information for.


3. Time Card View For a Specific Day

Time blocks are already pre-generated based on assigned jobs. Red font indicates that time block values have not been saved yet. If time tracking is enabled, time values will change as a technician progresses throughout the day.


4. Saving a Time Card

If time blocks are all correct, tap on the Process button to save a time card. A reminder will pop-up asking you if you want to process the selected time cards. If you are sure, then click Process.


5. Editing a Time Card

Time block values can also be edited. Tap on a time block your want to edit and detailed time block information will appear on the right.

1. Time Start - Edit the start of the time.

2. Time End - Edit when you finished.

3. Role - What kind of role was assigned.

4. Time Code - Choose a time code.

5. Description - Description of what you were doing.


6. Creating a New Time Block

To create a new time block, click on the “+” sign, and additional input fields will appear on the right. Fill the fields out and click save. 

1. Time Start - Edit the start of the time.

2. Time End - Edit when you finished.

3. Role - What kind of role was assigned.

4. Time Code - Choose a time code.

5. Description - Description of what you were doing.

After you create a new Time Block it will appear on your daily Time Card. 



7. Submiting Time Card Report

When all time card values are correct tap on Submit Time Cards button to generate a professional report with embedded signature, and email it to the supervisor. Custom report templates can be customized based on your needs. Contact us for more information on customization

After you click Capture and Submit it will let you know that your Time Card was successfully sent. 


8 Viewing and Printing the Time Card Report

After you submit the time cards you will be able to view the time card report and be able to print it as a document. 

In the report you are able to view the date, in and out time, the description, work time, overtime, and the amount of travel for each day. 



9. Time Cards in ServiceCEO

In ServiceCEO, time cards can be found by

1. Opening an employee record.

2. Clicking on the employee whose Time Card you want to view. 


3. Clicking on Time Cards.


Keep in mind!

For a newly added task to appear as a time block in time card follow the simple steps:

  1. Check the On Calendar checkmark
  2. In Payroll section choose to Include this task

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