How to send work order receipt to a customer?

Sending the Work Order receipt

Work Order receipt is generated as a .PDF file and emailed to a customer when a job is closed using ServiceBridge app. Each time a job is completed the app will prompt to confirm if the work order receipt should be sent to a customer.


  • Select “Yes” to email Work Order receipt to a customer and send a copy to your office inbox as well. If customer's email is not in in your database - ServiceBridge app will ask you to capture one. By default, for email communication we use the business email address in your ServiceCEO. Go to Tools/Options/Company Information and add the email you wish to receive our automated communication to.
  • Select “No” to emailed it only to the office, and not the customer.

Work Order receipts can be also uploaded to your server using FTP.


Disabling/Enabling Work Order receipt submission to customers

Sign in to your account at  ServicePortal

1. Click on Account Summary,

2. Deivices,

3. Edit.


In the Device Settings and Permissions you can edit and personalize the specific settings you want each device to have.

4. You can allow the device to add a New Job and Customer

5. You can allow to email Work Order receipts from the device

6. And you can allow to send the Work Order to an additional email. 

This feature is edited individually for each device. 



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