Access / Edit Device Settings

How to access Device settings?
Device settings are located in ServicePortal under Account Summary.



1. Device Name is used for reference to distinguish from other devices.
2. Verify and enter Device ID number.
  • Note: If the Device ID number is entered incorrectly then the device will not sync with ServiceCEO.
  • Click on "Where to find" for reference on how to find the Device ID number of a device.
3. Drop down to select which team or employee jobs will be displayed on device.
  • Note: The Device will not display any jobs if the field is blank or if no jobs are assigned to the team or employee.
4. PIN number used to log into the app.

Device Settings and Permissions

Work Orders
1. Allows the device to add a New Job or customer.
2. Allows to email the Work Order Receipts to customers.
3. Can send the Work Order to an additionally specified email.

1. Allows the device to add a New Estimate and customer record. 
2. Allows the technician to convert an Estimate into a Work Order. Win, lose, and edit assigned estimates.
3. Allows to create a New Estimate from a job straight from the general job view. 
4. Allows to email the Estimates from the device to your customers. 
5. Allows you to send an Estimate to an additionally specified email. 

Price and Payments
1. Allows Product, Service, or Kit removal.
2. Allows Pricing and quantity changes
3. Hide prices of products, services, and kits. Payment Capture option will be disabled as well.
4. Disable payment capture and payment history features. Product, service, and kit pricing will still be displayed. 
5. Allows to see payment history via the Service Bridge app. 
6. Allows to see and change price level applied to the job on details view. 

1. Displays job level invoice notes. Notes will be editable.
2. Displays customer level Work Order and Private notes. Notes will be editable. 
3. Displays location level Work Order and Private notes. Notes will be editable. 

Additional Settings
1. When enabled, the app will record times of arrival and completion to ServiceCEO database. 
2. Job duration will be editable.
3. Hides customer contact information.
4. View customer history of previous jobs.
5. View the documents generated for the customer. 
6. Display the name of a job campaign in the general job view.
7. Display the equipment items and allow to add products as equipment items. 
8. Disallow job time blocks edit.
9. Specify the number of days to display the past jobs.
10. Specify the number of days to display future jobs. 

Custom Fields
1. Retrieve and display job custom fields defined in ServiceCEO software. 
2. Retrieve and display customer custom fields defined in ServiceCEO software. 
3. Retrieve and display products/services custom fields defined in the ServiceCEO software. 

1. Select how Often device location is recorded. Note: The more often the location recording interval is set, the more battery life will be drained from your mobile device. Recommended interval time is every 15 minutes. 
2. You can specify the device tracking hours and by each day of the week. 
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