How to enable and configure Company Settings?

It is very easy to enable and personalize Company Settings to your liking. Once you configure your Company Settings every device that you have will be configured with those settings as well. 

Once you log in to your Service Portal

Go to Account Summary, Settings, and Company Settings. 

1. Select Time Zone - this allows you to select the time zone that you are working in and will sync all devices with that time.

2. Enable Geo-Tracking - allows you to track the movements of your team on a map. 

3. Enable Push Notifications - this will allow pop-up notifications on the mobile device when an important job or task is assigned.

4. Enable Time Cards - time card functionality allows access to the time card information in ServiceCEO database from the app. Technician can edit time blocks that are automatically created based on his schedule, or add additional ones.

5. Allow to add visits to an existing Project - this feature will allow you to add another visit to an existing project. For example, if you are doing a project and will not finish it in the project number of visits, you can add more in order to finish the job. 

6. Show Employees - this will allow you to see all the employees working to all of your teams.
7. Send job confirmation to customers - upcoming job notifications are emailed to customers automatically.

8. Send job confirmations from device only - Job confirmation emails will only be sent if a job's time/date/team is modified through Supervisor Role. 

9. Region Format - allows you to select that language that you will be using. 

10. Enable suspended job reason - if a job is suspended a prompt will pop-up asking to give a reason for why the job was suspended. 

11. Show total job duration and charges for a day - this will allow you to see the total number of hours you are working that day and the total payments from all your jobs added up. 

12. Technician must "Arrive" to edit job details - once a technician arrives at the job he will be able to edit the details of the job. 

13. Display terms and conditions when collecting signature - a page will pop-up saying that you agree to the terms and conditions before writing down your  signature. You are also able to edit these terms and conditions for more information on how to do that please go to the How to enable and edit Terms and Conditions for Signatures?

14. Allow Selecting Multiple Recipients - Allow selecting multiple email recipients when sending an estimate or a work order after a job is finished. 

15. Display Team and Job Members - Allows the user to see which team members are assigned to the device and each individual job. 

16. Save Changes - after you edit any settings or make any changes make sure you do not forget to save!

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