How to Add a New Estimate

Add a New Estimate feature allows technicians to create an in the ServiceBridge app. Technicians can select Start Date/Time, Estimated Duration, Summary, Customer, and Campaign. Also, technicians can add products, services, and kits, as well as capture photos and signature. When a new estimate is created and submitted, the dispatch is notified by an email. 

Before you can actually add a job from your mobile device make sure you have the device setting for this option enabled. To do that go to your ServicePortal.

1. Click on Account Summary
2. Devices
3. Edit
Then a new table will pop up with all of the device settings. For more information about the device settings click on Access / Edit Device Settings

4. Make sure the Allow to add New Estimate is checked. 

5. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click Save

1. Getting Started

1. From your dashboard click on Add New Estimate

1. Start Date/Time - This will allow you to set the Date and Time for the Estimate you are creating
2. Estimated Duration - This will allow you to set how long the Estimate will take
3. Summary - This will allow you to write what the Estimate is about
4. Customer - This will let you choose your customer, or let you create a new one by pressing "+" in the top right corner.
5. Company Profile - is only visible if you have multiple company profiles from ServiceCEO.
6. Campaign - This will allow you to select a campaign if you have one.
7. Submit - After everything is filled out you can click submit to finalize your Estimate. 

Once the information is selected you can click Submit

2. After Submitting

Once you submit your Estimate a window will pop-up that looks like this:

7. Assign to Me - Assign estimate to your team to view and edit on your mobile device later.
8. Send to Office - Send to office for review and further team assignment. 

3. Estimate Confirmation

Once you Assign to Me or Send to Office another pop-up will appear asking if you would like to send the Estimate confirmation to the customer.

If you want to know how to Win or Lose an estimate from the ServiceBridge app or Service CEO click Win/Lose an Estimate from ServiceBridge and ServiceCEO. 

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