Win/Lose an Estimate from ServiceBridge and ServiceCEO

ter you have added a New Estimate from your mobile device it will either be assigned to you or sent to ServiceCEO. 

For more information click How to Add a New Estimate.

Winning/Losing an Estimate through the ServiceBridge app

If you assign the Estimate to yourself it will be displayed in your Jobs Due Today and EstimateTotal your ServiceBridge app. 

You can click on Jobs Due Today. 

1. Click on the Estimate

2. Won/Lost. 

3. Won Estimate - If you won the estimate you can click Won Estimate.

4. Lost Estimate - If you lost the estimate you can click Lost Estimate.

After you Win or Lose an Estimate it will ask you to

5. Give a Reason and,

6. Write down any Notes.

7. Click Submit to finalize the estimate and turn it into a Job.

8. Click Convert to a Job to turn the estimate into a job. 

Your Estimate will now be a Job in your Jobs Due Today section. 

Winning/Losing an Estimate through ServiceCEO

If you send the Estimate to the office. It will show up in your ServiceCEO. In your Jobs tab of your ServiceCEO find the Open Estimate that was assigned. 
Double Click on it to open it

After you double click on it a window will pop-up with all the details about the estimate that you can view and edit. 

1. Here you can select Won or Lost, whether you won or lost the estimate. 

2. Here you can assign the Team, Status, and Substatus. Remember in order for the team to see it on their mobile device make sure the substatus is set to Assigned

After you click Won or Lost a Confirmation will pop up asking you if you want to continue with this operation. 

After you click yes another window will pop-up asking you to give a Reason and Note on your Won or Loss. 

After you write the Reason and Note down and click OK a window will open up with the new job you just created from the estimate. 

1. You will see that the Estimate is now a Job with the job number.

2. You can Complete the Job or turn it back into an Open Estimate again. 

3. You can assign the job to the Team, set the Status and the Substatus. Remember in order for the team to see it on their mobile device make sure the substatus is set to Assigned. 

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