Job Confirmation

Stay in touch with your customers and notify them about important events. With the job confirmation functionality, upcoming job notifications are emailed automatically to the customer.

Setting up employee pictures:

Upload employee pictures so customers know who is coming to service the job location.

In your ServicePortal go to:

1. Account Summary
2. Settings
3. Company Settings
4. Show Employees
    Send job confirmation to customers - Upcoming job notifications are emailed to customers automatically. 
    Send job confirmations from device only - Job confirmation emails will only be sent if a job's time/date/team is modified through Supervisor role.
5. Save Changes

Next go to, 

1. Employees 
2. Edit
3. Edit User Access - Allows you to write the first name, last name, and upload a photo of your employee. 
4. Save 

When is the job confirmation sent out?

The job confirmation email is sent out instantly when a job is scheduled to a Team with "Assigned" sub-status in ServiceCEO or through ServiceBridge mobile app. For re-occurring jobs the job confirmation is sent out 24/hours prior to the job start time. If the job is re-scheduled through ServiceCEO, then the job confirmation will automatically be sent with updated information.

Rescheduling a job through Supervisor Role:

If a job's time, date, and/or team is edited via Supervisor Role (in ServiceBridge app), then the user will receive a prompt to resend the job confirmation email.

Sample Job Confirmation: email

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