How to enable and edit Terms and Conditions for signatures?

1. Editing Terms and Conditions Agreement in ServiceCEO

First you will need to access your ServiceCEO.

From there you go to:

1. Tools

2. Options

Once a new window pops up scroll all the way down until you see:

3. Reporting

4. Click on Invoice/WO/Estimate

Once a new window pops up again you will need to scroll to the bottom until you see Footers and Disclaimer Statements. 

From here you can check or un-check Work Order and Estimate Terms and Conditions so they either are enabled or disabled. 

By clicking Edit Agreement you are also able to edit the text that the customer sees once they click New Signature. 

Once you click Edit Agreement, a Work Order Agreement opens up where you can edit the text you want your customers to see before they actually give their signature. 

After you entered the Terms and Conditions that you want click Save, OKApply, and OK.

2. ServiceBridge Mobile Application Terms and Condition

To review all of the changes made to the terms and conditions you will need to log in to your mobile application, go to a specific job, and to to the signature tab. 

Once you click "New Signature" the Terms of Service should pop up with a "I Disagree" or "I Agree"

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