Time Logging

Once you arrive at a job, suspend it, or finish it. The time automatically gets updated with your ServiceCEO. Anytime you make any change on your mobile application, the changes will also be reflected in ServiceCEO. 

ServiceBridge Time Logging with ServiceCEO

Enabling the Time Logging setting

Before you can begin time logging you will need to enable the setting on your device to do that you need to go to:

1. Account Summary

2. Devices

3. Edit

4. Make sure the Enable time logging setting is selected.

Starting a Job

You can select from a specific job that you are at and see how the time of arrival changes automatically from the actual time on the clock. 

Once you click Arrive the time automatically gets updated on your ServiceBridge application and your ServiceCEO database. 

Finishing a Job

Once you finish the job you have finished a job you can change the status of it to finished. 

The time elapsed will automatically sync with ServiceCEO

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