Sales Rep Application Mode

Sales Reps are company employees or hired independent contractors who travel to customer locations to estimate the

costs of labor and sell products and services. Sales Reps will see their individual schedules in Estimates Due Today, Estimates Total, and all represented jobs in My Sales section.

First you must assign an employee as a sales rep from your ServiceCEO. To do that you need to log into your ServiceCEO.

Configuring Sales Rep from ServiceCEO

1. Go to Tools
2. Lists
3. Employee SubTypes

1. Click Add 
2. Enter the Role, Description and check Sales Rep.

Go to an employee who is a sales rep and change the Default Role to Sales Rep or what you named the role in the previous window.

Now that employee is set up as a sales representative. 

Assigning a Device to a Sales Rep

To assign a device to a Sales Rep you will need to log into your Service Portal at

1. Click on Account Summary
2. Devices
3. Edit

4. Select the Sales Rep

You can select "Allow assigning team to new job"  if you want to allow the sales rep to assign a job to a team member after an estimate is won "converted into a job." 


Sales Rep View from the ServiceBridge App

Once you assign a sales rep role to a team member it will allow them use the ServiceBridge app for sales purposes. The sales rep will be able to view all of his sales and estimates, along with adding new jobs and estimates. 

My Sales - lets the sales member view all of their sales.

Estimates Due Today - shows all of the estimates that are due for the day.

Estimates Total - shows all of your estimates for the amount of days that is specified in the device settings

Add New Job - lets you create a job for your technicians and assigns you as the sales rep for the job.

Add New Estimate - lets you create a new estimate for yourself and assigns you as the sales rep for the estimate.

My Sales

Lets you see all of your sales

Sales Rep Filter

You can click the "Filter" button at the top right hand corner. This will allow you to select what you want or need to view. 

1. Status - sort by the different statuses of the job.

2. Substatus - sort by the different sub-statuses of the job. 

3. Date Range - sort by different date ranges. 

4. Teams - sort by the different teams.

5. Sort By - date, team, status, or substatus.

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