Customers look up in the ServiceBridge mobile app

ServiceBridge now offers the customers tab on the mobile device which allows you to search for current customers, add a new customer, and view previous jobs/documents/history/equipment.

To have this feature enabled for your mobile devices just email us at

Once you open up your ServiceBridge application, find the Customers tab on your dashboard:

From here you can add a new customer by clicking on the "+" or search for an existing customer by beginning to type the first 3 letters of either the first or last name.

Once you find the customer you can click on them and it will take you to their information. From here you will see the customers information, you are allowed to add a contact, view the customer custom fields, view customer notes, and view location notes.

From the jobs tab you can add a new job or view the jobs that are scheduled.

From the history tab you can view the history of the customer and any work that has been done for them.

From the equipment tab you can view any equipment that is tied in with the location of the customer as well as add new equipment.

From the documents tab you can view any of the documents that are tied in with the customer. (Work Orders, Estimates, and Custom Forms)

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