Setting up ZIP Codes (Zones)


Automatically prefill branches, taxes, cities, and states by entering ZIP Code when creating new customer records.

Setting up Zip Codes Configuration (Zones)

Initially you will have to map your zip codes into zone groups with an assigned name city, state, branch, and tax code. This might seem like an intimidating process, however once it is configured you will have the state, city, branch and tax fields pre-fill automatically.

To add and configure a new zone first go to Company Settings and locate Zones section.
Note: if you are not able to see ‘Zones’ contact ServiceBridge support at and we will enable this feature for you.

To the right of Zones section click on the ‘+’ button to add a new Zone.

 Enter in the following fields if applicable:

  1. Zone Name – how you refer to the locale
  2. Branch – location where the business is conducted
  3. Taxes -  the taxes that apply to the zone area


Next, we want to select the zip codes that apply to this zone. The list includes all United States zip codes, which can be narrowed down by typing zip, city, or state in the Search field.

You can click the ‘+’ to add individual zip codes or you can click the + Add All button which will then add all the zip codes you have narrowed down to.

Once you have specified all the zip codes for the specific zone you can click Save. Note that you will always be able to edit this zone and add or remove zip codes as needed. 

Automation of prefilling branches, taxes, cities, and states from ZIP Code when creating a new customer record

Now that you have your zones set up you are ready to see the magic happen. Start by clicking the universal add button ‘+’ to open a new customer record creation screen. All you have to know from the customer is their zip code that is already assigned to a zone.

We can start typing the ZIP Code in the numerical field and we will notice that the zip code automatically starts pre-filling. Select the customer’s zip code and note how the branch, city, and state will automatically pre-fill.  


When you start entering the customer’s Address Line 1 field, you will see that addresses closest to the ZIP code will start appearing first, thus automatically narrowing down the search to the customer’s location.

You can then proceed with entering all the other customer record fields and saving the customer record.







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