Setting Products & Services as Commissionable


Before we can start setting up commissions we must select which product and services commissionable. Note that if a product or service does not have a commissionable selected, then we will not be able to set commissions for it.

Setting up a commissionable item

Commissions can be set for each item individually or commissionable can be applied to multiple items at once. Note that Bundles are not commissionable, but if items in the bundle are set to commissionable, then commissions will be calculated for items part of the bundle.

Option 1: Apply commissions to a single item

First click on Products & Services in the left panel to open the Product & Service list. Click on the SKU or Name link to open the item.

In General section, click on the Edit button.

 Select Commissionable option to ON and click on Save. Now you will be able to calculate commissions for this item. 

Option 2: Select multiple items to be commissionable

 In the Products & Services list select the checkboxes of items you want to set as commissionable. Click on 'Change Commissionable'.

Select option value to ON and Save

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