Create Custom Reports

Service Bridge has a very powerful Reports engine that allows you to create your very own Custom Reports with real time data anytime. 

From the Home page, click on:

1. Reports

You will see a list of Service Bridge default Reports plus all the Custom Reports that have been created and saved. You can click on any of those to read and/or edit the data.

To rename a Report do click on the Edit button in front of the Report Name(1). To delete a Report do click on the Delete button in front of the Report Name(2).

2. Click on the (+) to start creating a new Custom Report.

Choose the section where you want your new Report to be placed and do click on the (+) button.

Here you will see a list of all the available Data Sets to create your Report with a brief description of each one.

If you click on "All Fields"(1) on any of these Data Sets you will see a list of all the Fields that are available on such Data Set, with a short description of each one. You can also click on "Continue" (2) on a specific Data Set to start building your own Report.

Using the search bar at the top of the page you are able to search by Data Set Name or by Field Name (3)

When you start typing on the search bar you see a list of suggestions of all the Fields and all the Data Sets that match with your search criteria. You can click on any of the suggested Data Sets to start building your desire Report or you can choose to search by Fields. 

To search by Fields you just need to select any of the suggested ones and it will be marked as a Tag. Then, you can keep looking and selecting more tags with all the Fields you want to have in your Report. Under the search bar you can find all the Data Sets that contain the selected fields.

Click on "Continue" on any of the Data Sets that contain the desire fields or do Click on "All Fields" to see all the available fields and then click on "Continue"

Now you are on the creation panel. Here you can: choose fields, add filters, group columns, select ranges, save and export your report.

  1. Select Fields - There is a bar on the left, where you can search and select the Fields you want to have on your Report. Click on the Edit Button on a specific Field to see its description and to customize the name or to add Count, Sum, Average, Minimum or Maximum values. 
  2. Add Filter - Add filters on the selected Fields. You can add more than one.
  3. Group by Column - you can drag a column header and drop it to the top of the table to group by that column. 
  4. Range - select the range for the report. (Day, Week, Month, Custom)
  5. Print Preview - Allows you to print the report, or save it as a PDF file.
  6. Save - Choose Availability from the drop down, save the report and name it as you wish.
  7. Export to CSV- After you saved and you named your Report you have the option to Export to CSV to have an Excel file where you can manipulate the data. 

Once you have created your desire Report do not forget to do save it and name it. Now you have your very own Custom Report and you can read it or edit it anytime.

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