Dispatch View

To access the dispatch view log in to your ServiceBridge account at www.servicebridge.com and click on Scheduling, and Dispatch.

Dispatch View allows you to view all of your jobs for that day, week, month, or a select range that you choose. 

Your teams are all shown along with all of the jobs assigned to which teams and the times the jobs are supposed to take place and for how long. 

Dispatch view makes managing your teams and jobs with ease. It also allows you to re-assign jobs by just clicking on it and dragging it to a different team. 


You are also able to see the job and duration total for each selected day, week, month, or range. 


It also gives you the ability to edit the job. By clicking on the job you can change the summary, time, duration or which team it is assigned to. You can also add the confirmation status  and the status of the job.

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