Collect Credit Card Payments via ServiceBridge mobile app

ServiceBridge integrates with swipers allowing payment processing in the field. To begin make sure you have an active ServiceBridge device and credit card reader in hand.

Note: The credit card reader is compatible with the most updated version of the ServiceBridge app.

To begin processing credit cards from the mobile device:

 1. Touch “Collect Payment” 


Select “Credit Card”  



Plug the card reader into the device's headset jack until you hear a click



 Wait until swiper status changes to “Connected”, then touch “Swipe & Collect” 
a. *For Android devices, initially you will have to touch “Run Auto Configuration”




 5. When you see the "Swipe Card Now" message on the screen, swipe the payment card smoothly through the reader with the magnetic strip facing the thick end of the reader.




6. After the payment processes, the final screen will read "Payment has been collected".




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    Paul Waller


    Is this article still current ?  I have a couple of questions for you. 

    Do you have a link to the card reader that needs purchasing ?

    Can payment be taken in GBP ?

    Is there a facility whereby a card number can be taken before the job and then just processed afterwards ?

    What does any reporting look like if using this ?

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