How to Create an Estimate

To create a new Estimate you will need to log in to your ServiceBridge account at

From there:  

Click on "+"


Creating a Estimate

Customer Information

Customer - Choose the customer. Start typing the name and it will appear, once it does click on it and all of the information will fill itself in. 

Location - Select the location.

Contact - Select the contact.

Third Party Bill Payer - Choose the third party bill payer.

Marketing Campaign - Select the marketing campaign used if one was used.

Estimate Information

Short Description - Add a brief description of the job is. You can add it on the "WO/EST Description" field on the Location Details and then it gets auto filled on all the estimates that are created for this particular location. This field allows for dynamic insertion of Customer Custom Fields using tags. Example: if you have Customer Custom Field for Account Type, use {{Customer.Account Type}}.

Status - Choose the status to open estimate.

Assigned To - Choose the team that the estimate is assigned to.

Confirmation Status - Add a confirmation status of the estimate if one applies. 


Estimate Date - Select the date of the estimate, or click Today if the date is today which will automatically enter todays date.

Scheduled Time - Select the time of the estiamte. 

Estimated Duration - Choose how much time the estimate is going to take.

Arrival Window - Choose the time of arrival window. 


Notes - Add any notes in the notes, private, or invoice section

Choose Template - You can select from templates to fill it in the notes.

Reminder - Choose a reminder that will send you a notification to your phone for how ever long before a job you select. 

Click Save for the estimate to be generated and saved. 

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