How To Create a Work Order

To create a new Work Order or job you will need to log in to your ServiceBridge account at

From there: 

Click on "+"

Work Order

Creating a Work Order

Repeat this work order - You can select if this is a one time job, or to repeat the job daily, weekly, monthly, or custom.  

Customer Information

Customer - Choose the customer. Start typing the name and it will appear, once it does click on it and all of the information will fill itself in. 

Location - Select the location.

Contact - Select the contact.

Third Party Bill Payer - Choose the third party bill payer.

Marketing Campaign - Select the marketing campaign used if one was used. 

Work Order Information

Short Description - Enter what the job is.

Status - Choose the status to Assign in order for it to appear on the mobile device of the team assigned to.

Assigned To - Choose the team that the job is assigned to.

Confirmation Status - Add a confirmation status of the job if one applies. 


Work Order Date - Select the date of the work order, or click Today if the date is today which will automatically enter todays date.

Scheduled Time - Select the time of the job. 

Estimated Duration - Choose how much time the job is estimated to be finished in.

Arrival Window - Choose the time of arrival window. 


Notes - Add any notes in the notes, private, or invoice section

Choose Template - You can select from templates to fill it in the notes.


Reminder - Choose a reminder that will send you a notification to your phone for how ever long before a job you select. 

Click Save for the Work Order to be generated and saved. 

For a video explanation on how to create a Work Order click here.

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