Add/Edit Devices & Device Settings

To add and edit devices you will need to log in to your account at

Once you log in you will need to go your company settings:

1. Click on Settings

2. Company

Once you are in Company Settings you need to click on the triangle for Devices to expand the section:

From the devices page you can view the device name, who it is assigned to, and what the status of the device is. 

You can also click Edit or Suspend/Resume to activate or suspend the device.

Add a New Device and Edit Settings

To add a new device click on "+" or to edit the device settings click on Edit for the specific device. 

Main Information

Assigned To - Choose which employee this device is assigned to.

Device Name - Write the Device Name.

Identifier - Copy the identifier number from the device. 

PIN - Choose and select a PIN number that will be asked for when you open up the application. 

Work Order Settings

Allow to add New Job - Allows to add a new job.

Allow to email Work Order receipts - Allows to email work orders from the device.

Send Work Order to an additional email - Allows to send work orders to additional email addresses. 

Estimate Settings

Allow to Add New Estimate - Allows to add new estimate.

Allow to convert estimates to work orders - Allows to convert estimates into work orders.

Allow creating new estimate from a job - Allows to create a new estimate from a current job.

Allow to email Estimates - Allows to email estimates.

Send Estimate to an additional email - Sends estimates to additional email addresses.

Price and Payment Settings

Allow Product, Service, or Kit removal - Allow product, service, or kit removal. 

Allow pricing changes - Allow to change prices for products, services, or kits.

Hide capture payment - Hides the ability to capture payments.

Note Settings

Display Invoice Notes -  Allows the device to write, edit, and view invoice notes.

Display Customer Notes - Allows the device to write, edit, and view customer notes.

Display Location Notes - Allows the device to write, edit, and view location notes. 

Custom Field Settings

Display Job Custom Fields - Allows to display job level custom fields.

Display Customer Custom Fields - Allows to display customer level custom fields.

Additional Settings

Enable time logging - Allows the ability to use time logging.

Allow edit job duration - Allows the ability to edit job duration time. 

Hide Customer Contact Information - Hides the customer contact information on the device.

Display Assets - Allows the device to show Assets. 

Display Campaign - Allows the device to see campaigns.

Days to see past jobs - Choose the number of days to see past jobs.

Days to see future jobs - Choose the number of days to see future jobs.

Days to see past tasks - Choose the number of days to see past tasks.

Days to see future tasks - Choose the number of days to see future tasks. 

Geo-Tracking Settings

Geo-Tracking Interval - Select how often the Geo-Tracking will refresh. (Note the quicker it refreshes the more battery power it uses up.)

Geo-Tracking Start Hour - Select the start hour of Geo-Tracking.

Geo-Tracking End Hour - Select the end hour of Geo-Tracking.

Week Days - Select which days Geo-Tracking will be enabled. 

Email Preferences

Customer reply to technician - Choose whether the customer has an option to reply to technician.

Technician Email - Enter the technicians email.

Technician Name - Enter the technicians name. 

Supervisor Role

Enable Supervisor Role - Enable Supervisor role and select which teams to view in supervisor role. 

After you have made any changes you can click Save and all of the settings will be updated and saved. 

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