Applying Payments on Invoice

You can receive payments through either QuickBooks Online or ServiceBridge. 

From SeriviceBridge you can:

If you have a previously added payment from the customer you can apply the payment to the invoice by clicking on the (+ Apply) to add a new payment.

Once you apply the partial payment the status changes to (Partial) on the Invoice.

To add a new payment you can click on the Universal (+) button located at the top of the screen, or by clicking on the (+) from the actual invoice payments tab. 

You can enter Payment Info, Payment Invoices, Unpaid Invoices. You can also add more than one unpaid invoice into one payment. 

Once you collect the payment the status of the invoice will change to PAID.

From QuickBooks Online you can go to the Invoice:

Once you click "Save and new" you will be shown a window telling you that the payment is saved. 

You will also notice that on that invoice it will show that it is PAID

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