All About Custom Forms

If you’re not familiar with ServiceBridge, you may have a lot of questions about what we mean when we say custom forms. Here, you will find answer to these questions and learn how you can start using custom forms on the mobile app.

What are custom forms?

A custom form is a digital version of a company’s custom document. It is added to ServiceBridge and can be accessed and edited by anyone in a company who has a ServiceBridge license. Moreover, like a work order and an invoice, a custom form can be customized to show a company logo.    

If, as part of your workflow, you require your field worker to fill out a form that is not part of your work order, then this is a custom form. Because these forms are specific to your company, they are not automatically available on field service software. By digitizing these forms, you can go fully paperless and store all customer information in a single system.   

How do I create a custom form?   

As a customer, you cannot create a custom form. If you want to create one, please contact ServiceBridge and we will do it for you.

Do custom forms cost extra?

Yes. Because custom forms require us to complete custom work, they are not included as part of a standard subscription.

If I’m a field worker, how do I find and fill out out a custom form?

If you’re a field worker, you can fill out a custom form on your mobile app. Then, after completing the form, and you can send it back to your company’s office or to your customer.

To begin, click on a job and scroll down until you see “Job Custom Forms.”





1. Click on Job Custom Forms



2. Click on the Custom Form





3. Fill out all of the fields that are required. Note: The required fields appear in red. 



4. After you fill out all of the fields click Submit



5. Once you submit your custom form, you will see a pop-up that asks if you want to send it to the office, to the customer, or both. Although the custom form is sent as an email to both the customer and office, it will also be attached to the work order on ServiceBridge, under "documents." As such, the office can view it on ServiceBridge.



After you submit the form on the bottom it will say Submitted in iOS and in Android the Submit button will go grey.  

6. Click Print to print the form.

This what a PDF version of a custom form will look like, which you can see by hitting the "Print Preview" button.

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    Lyanne Claudio

    Is the customer able to create their own Custom Forms?

    Thank you.

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    Kevin Skinner

    Hi LClaudio, 

    Thank you for your question! Customers are not able to make custom forms. If you are interested in digitizing a company form, please contact us and we'll work to get something set up for you. 






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