Teams and Personnel

If you go to the Personnel tab in ServiceBridge, you will notice there are two categories: Personnel and Teams. This article will cover the difference between these two.

A personnel member is any member of your company who has a ServiceBridge license--a "user." A team is a group of your personnel members that is available for dispatch. 

You cannot assign jobs--work orders and/or estimates--to personnel. You can only assign jobs to a team. To create a team, first add and activate personnel members.  

How to add and activate new personnel (users)

First, log-on to your ServiceBridge account and click Personnel. Then, click on the universal add button. 

 Enter the information of the User you are adding and click save. 


After saving your personnel record, you will be returned to a list of your personnel. Go to the record you just created and click on Suspended to Activate the user.

Now, you will need to create a username and a password for this user; this is the log-in information he or she will use to access ServiceBridge. Also, choose what role this user will have. The access roles are explained below.

There are three different access roles you can assign this user: 
i. Administrator = All user rights to modify and delete
ii. Read Only = View all information but not modify nor delete
iii. Edit Only = Modify but not delete

NOTE: Display Payment History must be enabled for the user to view and collect payments.

For a video on further information on how to add/activate a user please click here.

How to add a team

Now that you've added your workers into ServiceBridge, you can create a team. 

To create a team, log-in to ServiceBridge and open the Personnel Tab. Then, click on the universal add button. 

Once you click the add button, a new window will open up to add a team name and the members. 

Once you've created a team name and have added all necessary members, click save.

You can now schedule work orders and/or estimates to this team.

Please note, too, that you can add as many (or as few) personnel members to a team as needed.



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    I need to delete a team member how do I do that ?

    I also notice a tab for team groups what is this and how can I edit ?

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    Nicolas Vargas

    Hi, I'd also like to know how to delete personnel.

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