ServiceBridge Newsletter - March 16th



Multiple New Features

Our latest ServiceBridge update contains multiple requested features that will make it easier for administrators and technicians to manage teams and work orders, including: 

  • Users now have the ability to delete empty teams - team performance has been improved across the board, making reassigning personnel to teams quicker and easier. 
  • Timesheets have been improved with bulk actions to approve and reject available globally, and restricted users can now create and submit timesheets from the ServiceBridge web portal. 
  • Bar Code scanning improvements have been introduced, allowing mobile users to not only find products by bar code, but allowing them to find services and bundles as well.
  • Data Import / Export improvements - all customers and inventory items can now be downloaded to excel format. Pricing Groups now available in import/export. 



Blog: Adopting New Software


Implementing a new software program across your organization can make business owners and employees alike frustrated. Be it from the wrong program, a lack of education, or stubbornness, getting your team on board with new software and new procedures can turn an exciting new program into a daily source of aggravation. 

Our experience helping companies implement the ServiceBridge platform has helped us to identify practices that help companies ensure a successful adoption of new software. Read our article here.

Feature Request Board

Be sure to visit our Feature Request board and submit your ideas on how we can make ServiceBridge even better! We're always looking for feedback from our customers on what features we should introduce next. 

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