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Advanced Features in ServiceBridge

Hey there. ServiceBridge team checking in. We hope you're enjoying your trial so far and have now had the chance to get comfortable using ServiceBridge.

To recap, by the time you've recieved this e-mail, you should be able to: 

  • Create customers and work orders 
  • Create personnel and assign work orders to them 
  • Create an invoice 
  • Manage schedules using calendar board 
  • Use GPS Tracking 
  • Utilize Route Optimization 
All of these are key components in ServiceBridge that will help you manage day to day operations. Today, we're going to discuss some of the most advanced features in ServiceBridge that will provide your company with a competitive edge. 

Custom Reports

One of the most powerful features in ServiceBridge is the ability to run custom reports. These reports allow business owners to see things like reasons for lost estimates, productivity by technician, and more. The above video provides an overview of custom report creation. Other resources on custom reports include: 

Customer Portal

Personalized, professional customer portals make it easy for your customers to see their invoice, view documents of work completed, pay their bill, request new service, and leave a review. Click here for an overview on utilizing the customer portal.

ServiceBridge Product Update Webinar - Managing Reviews & Exporting Customer List for Marketing

Export Data for Marketing 

ServiceBridge's powerful import/export functions make it easy for business owners to export customer records from ServiceBridge to add to other programs such as an e-mail marketing platform, CRM, or other marketing software. The above video not only covers data export for marketing, but also managing reviews from the ServiceBridge platform. Other resources include: 


ServiceBridge allows the implementation of timesheets, allowing business owners full visibility into productivity in the field and allowing them to see how much time is spent on given services. Visit the Timesheets Guide  for full information on using timesheets and how to run reports on timesheets.

Availability Status Overview

Employee Availability

ServiceBridge's advanced scheduling features allow administrators and dispatchers to set employee availability, making it simple for office staff to account for employee time off, sick days, and more. The video above provides a full overview of the availability scheduling functions.  

Commissions Overview

In ServiceBridge, you can set commissions for different products, services, and roles. A full overview of the Commissions module and how to create commissionable products and services can be found in the Commissions Guide

QuickBooks Online Integration

IMPORTANT NOTE: Connecting ServiceBridge to QuickBooks Online will make ServiceBridge data LIVE in QuickBooks Online and overwrite existing data. We HIGHLY recommend contacting [email protected] before creating a QuickBooks Online integration. 

As previously mentioned, ServiceBridge offer full two-way integration with QuickBooks Online; eliminating the need for double data entry and helping keep your accounting records up to date. Click here to learn how to connect QuickBooks Online

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