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Welcome to ServiceBridge! 


Hi there! Thanks for signing up for a ServiceBridge Trial. We're excited to have you on board. 

At ServiceBridge, we work with companies in every field from pest control to home renovation. With ServiceBridge, you can manage all aspects of your service team - from scheduling work orders to invoicing customers. 

ServiceBridge offers a ton of features that provide an incredible level of insight into your field service operations. But for today, let's start with the basics so that you can get comfortable using ServiceBridge before moving onto advanced features. 

The basic things you'll need to do before getting deeper into ServiceBridge functionality include: 
  • Creating a Company Profile 
  • Add Personnel / Employees
  • Create Customer Records 
  • Add Products and Services 
  • Create Work Orders 
  • Connect a Mobile Device 

You'll receive several e-mails through the course of your trial introducing you to different features in ServiceBridge. If at any time you want to jump ahead and explore, visit our full Getting Started guide online by hitting the button below. 
Getting Started Guide

Complete Company Profile 

Creating a Company Profile is the first step to getting started in ServiceBridge and allows you to create professional looking invoices and forms. View the video above or visit the support guide on Creating a Company Profile

Add Personnel 

Add and Activate Personnel
The next step in getting started with ServiceBridge is going to be adding personnel so that they can be assigned work orders and make use of the ServiceBridge system. View the video above or visit the support article on Adding Personnel to complete this step

Create a Customer Record

Create a Customer
Next, you'll need to add customers in order to create a work order for them. Watch the video above or visit the support page on creating a customer record to complete this step.

Add Products and Services

Now that you've got your customers and employees into the system, it's time to add Products and Services. A full guide on adding products and services can be found in the support Getting Started guide. Click here to view

Connect a Mobile Device to Your Account:

How to connect your mobile device to ServiceBridge job management software
Now that you've got your customers, personnel, and services/products into the system; you'll want to connect devices to allow your team to use ServiceBridge in the field. Watch the video above for instructions or click here to read a guide on connecting mobile devices

What's Next? 

You'll be receiving another e-mail in a couple of days guiding you on the next steps in setting up your ServiceBridge account! 

Feel like jumping ahead? Our Getting Started guide and Support Site are fully available online, allowing you to jump to any topic at any time and learn ServiceBridge at your own pace. You can also visit our YouTube Channel for helpful insights and guided demos.

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