Second Email: Digging Deeper into ServiceBridge


Let's Go Deeper into ServiceBridge

Hi there! ServiceBridge team checking in on your trial. You've received our first set of e-mails and the getting started guide. At this point, you should be somewhat comfortable using ServiceBridge and should have completed the following tasks: 

  • Company profile is completed
  • Personnel has been added to your account and has connected mobile devices
  • Customer records have been created
  • Your products and services are created
  • You've created your first work order.
Now that you're familiar with ServiceBridge and have had some time to get comfortable with the system, add in your customers, and create some work orders; we're going to dive into some more advanced features that will help you manage your team on a day-to-day basis. 

Please note: if you have not completed the tasks in the previous e-mail; you'll need to complete those before going into these more advanced features as they are dependent on the data you've entered into the system. 

Managing Schedules & Calendar

Now that you have personnel connected to your ServiceBridge account and are actively creating work orders, there's a lot you can do with your team's schedules. The video above provides an overview of managing the calendar board. The following resources will also help you get familiar with scheduling and managing calendars: 

Accounting Functions 

Now that you have work orders and customers in ServiceBridge, you can invoice customers for services received, apply payments to an invoice, and more. Visit Accounting: Getting Started to explore these features and process your first invoice. 

Please Note: To connect a QuickBooks Online account, contact . The two-way integration of ServiceBridge and QuickBooks Online will change live data QBO data. We do not recommend turning on this integration until you are ready to go live. 

ServiceBridge | Estimates WorkFlow

Creating Estimates

Creating estimates is an essential part of most service team's business model. With ServiceBridge, is easy to create an estimate for a customer and track the won/lost status of those estimates. In the video above, we walk you through the standard estimates workflow. Other resources on estimates include: 


Now that Mobile Devices are connected to your ServiceBridge account, you can utilize the GPS Tracking functionality to monitor the locations of team members. Visit the guide on Geo-Tracking here to learn how to enable GPS tracking and how to utilize it in your account. 

ServiceBridge Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Creating Once Work Orders have been created and assigned to team members, you can utilize Route Optimization to ensure your team is on the fastest route between locations. View the video above to learn how to use Route Optimization. 

Ready to learn more?

Click here to view the Getting Started Guide for ServiceBridge which contains all the information from this e-mail and more. Our full support site at allows you to search for specific features you have questions on, so that you can learn at your own pace.

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