Digital Form Reports

This feature allows you to create a report for the Digital Forms that you have. 

First of all, you need to create a section for Digital Form Reports through Reports settings. Press the gear icon at the top right corner and navigate to Reports: 


Secondly, navigate to the Report Groups section and press the universal add button (+):



"Add Report Group" window appears and you need to type in the name for the Report Group: 



As it's a new report group and it has no reports yet, it will not appear in the Reports list straight away. In order to see the report groups that doesn't have the reports, you need to scroll down to the end of the Reports list and press the button "Reorder". The Report group will appear at the beginning of the list.

To create the Digital From report, you need to go to this section and press the universal add button (+): 



This opens a window of all the possible reports that you can create. To search for the particular report, you can press the "Collapse" button at the top right and find the Digital Forms section. If you press on the Digital Forms, you will see a list of the digital forms that you have: 



Press the "All Fields" button to see all the fields that this form has, or the "Continue" button if you don't need to check the fields that this Digital Form has. 


The "Continue" button will open the Build New Report window. You will see Digital Form Fields section at the left. In this section you can select the fields that you want to appear on your report. Also, you can select the date range, add filters to the report and filter only the particular details of each field: 



After you set the data as you want it in the Digital Form report, you can press a "Print Preview" button and print this report. 

If you want to have it as a CSV file in your computer, press "Save" and then "Export to CSV" button at the top right corner. 




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